Music Production

While earning my degree in Digital Media, I will also receive a technical certificate for Music Production. This is something that I just began experimenting with but really enjoy. I am able to create original beats, sounds, and songs using Apple Loops and virtual instruments in Logic Pro X. I am also able to manipulate pitch and tempo. These skills can be applied to the creation of music for radio, commercial, and internet platforms. Below are songs I have titled myself and made for class assignments.

"Anticipated Arrival"

I named this song Anticipated Arrival because the intro is fast-paced and busy to draw the listener in and create a sense of impending excitement. As the first verse drops, the tempo and vibe are significantly slowed down almost to create a feeling of mystery or curiosity. I originally wanted to add lyrics and vocals to this but ended up liking the relaxing beat as an instrumental. This song demonstrates the use of cross-fades.

Listen Here:

"Pacific Drift"

This was the first song I created on my own after being introduced to the software. I chose the name Pacific Drift to reference the ocean, and the drifting tone and somber melody of the lyrics. 

Listen Here:

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